Everyone experiences loss in life, whether it is the death of a loved one or a broken relationship.   In the aftermath of a significant loss, the road ahead is overhwelming and day to day life feels like a mountain you are trying to climb....your support system is crucial.  No one would climb Mount Everest without a rope, an ice axe, the proper attire and oxygen.  And you will need oxygen because the higher you climb oxygen is less avaible.  Yes you can bring an oxygen tank but we all know that mountain climbers have run out of oxygen on their journey.

      The book, "Broken", will help you navigate the torrid emotions that overwhelm and turn your world into chaos.  Written from the perspective of a mother whose son died, this book paraphrases the emotional roller coasters and events that define your new life.   One story is everyone' story.  The book includes well researched mourning rituals that offer comfort to some and for others a different perspective.  

       The author delves into the notion of spiritual "justice" in the wake of loss.  This fascinating journey/argument will help you exorcise the norms which we sometimes follow without thought.   Instead you are invited to ask yourself questions which may offer hope and comfort for your long journey, and the biggest question in your life,,,why did my child die?